tirsdag den 20. oktober 2009

New cool stories from my poker travelling

myself and kate are on phi phi man gonna hit the hippy bar later if you's are around if i don't catch you's later i'll see you's at some stage pal ... hope the birthday went well ha ha and we played a good game of poker. Heard about this Kojakpoker thing.
After that I'm gonna put a word out for Melbourne, what are the dates that your there??
Heeey! aw man you must be soo happy to be back in bangkok, im pretty jealous you are still travelling round aisa!! I was looking at my photos from koh tao its pretty funny i keep noticing you and alan in the background of them don't think we had et you at that point either :) good times at getting the Cereus Poker Bonus and get rich.
we'd fly to kuala kinabalu, all was suggesting that you guys fly straight from phuket on the 23rd and meet me there. that's not a bad idea. i haven't booked a flight yet anyway. will skype it up tomorrow at 3 and we can sort something.

That sounds like an amazziinnggg plan!!! ohhh the life of colm, hey!! hehe!! December through to march april time were the best months for me in NZ...the weather is great everyone is happy as larry and plenty of festivals and public holidys at that time...perfect!!! if youv decided to stay till next year cause youv fallen in love with the place will defo come and visit...but for the time being gotta focus on my studies!! keep me posted... have fun!!! We have played so much online lately, love it! and this time it has been on Vulcan poker.

Please write and call your senators to support online poker this week.
Just read a fanscating summary of a study of havard graduates over the course of their lives. Makes you wonder about happiness and the nature of the human condtion. I'd highly reccomond checking it out:
that was an awsome summary...if you think about it, being a better poker player is essentially the pursuit of happiness, because winning makes you happy, but in order to be a better player you need to lose. if a person never lost a game do you think they would truly be happy?...or better yet do you think they could achieve a sub-par level of happiness based on the fact that they don't know how it feels to lose??? would u rather be the luckiest player, constantly hitting 1 outers for for all your chips and never lose a game....or be considered the best player, lose occasionally, but be the most respected at the table.....

id go with 2...ps i was heads up with my buddy, 2 table tourney...i had q9 spades he had 85 off. goes check check preflop. flop comes 8s5s5h he checked and i checked behind on 4champs
turn comes 5d he bets and i smooth call, putting him on air. river comes a qd and i check because im not sure where hes at, he bets, i min raise for value and info, hes all in, i fold.